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Gene product: NK-2 class
Organism: C. intestinalis
Summary of experimentsThe minimal endodem-specific enhancer region lies between -355 and -36 (from TSS). (Fanelli 2003)

The following regions have been identified (Fanelli 2003):
From -355 to - 283: expression enhancement
From -283 to - 235: repression of the expression in mesenchyme
From -235 to - 130: activation of the expression in the endoderm
From -152 to - 36: activation of the expression in the mesenchym

2 DNA fragments are bound specifically by protein extract from larvae (Fanelli 2003):
S2: from -209 to -199 (GCATTTGATTT)
S5: from -266 to -262 (GCGCT)
Activity reported

An unknown factor regulates Ci-titf1 in endoderm in C. intestinalis (6, 25, 26)
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