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DataBase of Tunicate Gene Regulation
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List of all reporter constructs

Name Gene Size Tissue Construct
Ci-G-alpha-i1 Ci-G-alpha-i1 4201 neurons in central nervous system, papillar neurons, mesenchyme
Ci-synaptotagmin Ci-Syt 4473 central and peripherial neurons, epidermis
Ci-BCO Ci-BCO/RPE65 1997 brain vesicle (photoreceptor cells)
Ci-CRALBP Ci-CRALBP 1930 brain vesicle
Ci-opsin3 Ci-opsin3 2538 brain vesicle
Ci-opsin1 Ci-opsin1 4966
Ci-arr Ci-arr 2966 photoreceptor cells
beta-tubulin Ci-tubulin-beta-2 4336 neurons
124 ci0100136770 1465 brain vesicle
alpha-tubulin isoform 1 Ci-alpha-tubulin 5664 brain vesicle
272 ci0100139345 4344 nerve cord, a single cell (neuron?) at the tail tip.
Ci-Cdx Ci-Cdx 4103 tail epidermis, nerve cord, posterior trunk epidermis, endodermal strand
Excretory-secretory mucin MUC-4 Ci-MUC-4 4615 nerve cord, endodermal strand, tail epidermis
Carboxypeptidase ci0100149478 3430 papilla, brain vesicle, visceral ganglion, nerve cord, muscle
L-threonine 3-dehydrogenase ci0100152576 4779 brain vesicle, visceral ganglion
Onecut subclass homeobox gene Ci-HNF6 4876 brain vesicle, visceral ganglion, nerve cord
Ci-PDEd Ci-PDEd 3851 brain vesicle
707 ci0100154565 4424 brain vesicle
Ci-GnRHR3 Ci-GnRHR3 5740 notochord, mesenchyme, neurons?
Casein kinase 1 Ci-CK1 3896 brain vesicle, nerve cord
beta-tubulin Ci-tubulin-beta-1 5712 papilla, brain vesicle, caudal epidermal neuron, mesenchyme, nerve cord
Tubby-like ci0100131237 1182 tail midline epidermal cells
Protein-tyrosine phosphatase ci0100133347 5770
975 ci0100143043 4970 brain vesicle, caudal epidermal neurons
beta-spectrin III Ci-beta-spectrin-3 5028 brain vesicle, nerve cord, visceral ganglion, muscle, mesenchyme, posterior epidermis
Peptidylglycine alpha-amidating monooxygenase ci0100130708 3652 caudal epidermal neurons, brain vesicle
Etr-1 Ci-Etr-1 2671 papilla, brain vesicle, visceral ganglion, nerve cord, muscle, mesenchyme
1701 ci0100137518 4700 muscle
Similar to inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor family heavy chain ci0100131101 2572
Creatine kinase B ci0100130283 3390 brain vesicle, visceral ganglion, muscle
G protein-coupled receptor Ci-Nut 2609 brain vesicle, visceral ganglion, nerve cord
unknown, similar to Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ22349 fis clone HRC06310 ci0100150199 4294 mesenchyme cell
Complexin II ci0100150132 5957 papilla, brain vesicle, visceral ganglion, notochord
G-protein coupled receptor ci0100143330 3310 brain vesicle, visceral ganglion, caudal neuron
Ms4a8 Ci-Ms4a8 2235 tail midline epidermis, notochord
4831 ci0100150304 3866 brain vesicle
4981 4981 5190 brain vesicle, visceral ganglion, caudal neuron
Ci-PDE9 Ci-PDE9 4431 brain vesicle, caudal midline epidermal cells (neurons?)
homeodomain transcription factor Meis Ci-Meis 4283 brain vesicle, muscle
Ci-unc-119 Ci-unc119 2130 brain vesicle (otolith)
Ci-Pax258b Ci-Pax258b 5454 brain vesicle, visceral ganglion, nerve cord
Prohormone convertase Ci-PC2 2866 brain vesicle
Ci-GnRHR1 Ci-GnRHR1 5087 brain vesicle, visceral ganglion, muscle, papilla
Ci-GnRHR2 Ci-GnRHR2 4570 brain vesicle, papilla, muscle, mesenchyme, visceral ganglion
Ci-tyrosinase Ci-tyrosinase 1508 brain vesicle (pigment cells)
Ci-tyrpA Ci-tyrpA 5045 brain vesicle (pigment cells)
Ci-tyrpB Ci-tyrpB 1685 brain vesicle (pigment cells)
Preprogonadotropin-releasing hormone 1 Ci-proGnRH1 4687 brain vesicle, visceral ganglion, nerve cord
Preprogonadotropin-releasing hormone-2 Ci-proGnRH2 4320 visceral ganglion
Ci-Prestin Ci-Prestin 1454 brain vesicle (otolith cell)
Ci-CNGA Ci-CNGA 2421 brain vesicle, epidermal neurons
CNG channel 4 Ci-CNGB 1478 brain vesicle
similar to Drosophila melanogaster CNG channel-like protein Ci-CNGC 2340 brain vesicle
Tyrosine hydroxylase Ci-TH 3478 brain vesicle
Ci-VACHT Ci-vAChTP 4919 brain vesicle, visceral ganglion
Ci-G-alpha-i1-basal promoter Ci-G-alpha-i1 470 not detected
Ci-Bra-Basal Ci-Bra 528 not detected
Ci-fkh-Basal Ci-fkh 178 not detected
Ci-MLC2-Basal Ci-MLC2 115 not detected
Ci-GnRHR4 Ci-GnRHR4 4981 epidermal neurons
homeodomain transcription factor Meis Ci-Meis 5409 mesenchyme, epidermis, muscle, papilla
Ci-G-alpha-i1-int Ci-G-alpha-i1 3215 papillal, brain vesicle, visceral ganglion, caudal epidermal neurons
Ci-VACHT Ci-vAChTP 3792 brain vesicle, visceral gangnlion, dorso caudal neurons
Ci-VGAT Ci-vGAT 2666 brain vesicle, visceral ganglion, neurons on the anterior nerve cord, dorso caudal neurons
Ci-VGLUT Ci-VGLUT 4607 brain vesicle, papilla, epidermal neurons
Ci-MLC2 Ci-MLC2 643 muscle
Ci-MRLC1 Ci-MRLC1 570 muscle
Ci-MA5 Ci-MA5 700 muscle
Ci-TnT Ci-TnT 441 muscle
Ci-TPM3 Ci-TPM3 530 muscle
Ci-Prx Ci-Prx 7212 brain vesicle
Ci-crystallin Ci-crystallin 1044 otolith, adhesive organ
Glycin transporter I Ci-glyt-I 1970
Glycin transporter II Ci-glyt-II 1262 epidermis
Glycin transporter III Ci-glyt-III 905
Glycin transporter I Ci-glyt-I 1989
Glycin transporter II Ci-glyt-II 1590
Ci-PC2 Ci-PC2 1812 brain vesicle, visceral ganglion, epidermal neurons
Ci-POU-IV Ci-POU-IV 3784 brain vesicle, epidermal neurons
Ci-GAD Ci-GAD 2015 papilla, brain vesicle, visceral ganglion
ci0100130708 ci0100130708 3652 brain vesicle, visceral ganglion, epidermal neurons