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Gene product: Pitxa/b and Pitxc isoforms
Organism: C. intestinalis
Summary of experimentsCi-pitxa/b is expressed in the anterior neural boundry, tail muscle and the ventral part of the stomodaeum.
Ci-pitxc shows epidermal expression in the anterior cap and dorsolateral caudal strip, posterior cerebral vesicle, photoreceptors, left visceral ganglion and left posterior trunk endoderm.

Two promoters were identified:
Distal, upstream of exon 1, and proximal, between exon 1 and 2.

Regions conserved in Ciona savignyi have been identified:
In Distal: D1 with the fragment between -2733 and -2546 being necessary and sufficient for expression in stomodaeum of Ci-pitxa/b.
In Proximal: P4 and P1 have no role in stomodaeal expression, P3 appears to be a co-activator module, enhancing the expression but unable to drive it by himself, and P2, which is critical for expression in stomodaeum.

Distal drives the expression of Ci-ptxa/b (in anterior neural boundry, tail muscle, posterior stomodaeum and dorsoposterior stomodaeal cell), Proximal drives the expression of both Ci-ptxa/b (in anterior stomodaeum) and Ci-ptxc (in left visceral ganglion, left posterior trunk endoderm, ocellus, posterior cerebral vesicle).
Activity reported

An unknown factor regulates Ci-pitx in anterior neural boundary, stromodoaeum, epidermis, ocellus photoreceptors, left visceral ganglion, left endoderm in C. intestinalis (6, 18)
Sequences available
ID Gene Description Organism Dataset Dataset ID
s00343 Ci-pitx -3000:+200 region of ci0100147848 C. intestinalis JGI 1 ci0100147848
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