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Gene product: unknown
Organism: C. intestinalis
Summary of experiments2436 kbs of upstream sequence is able to drive expression in the entire central nervous system.

If the distal 42 bps containing UB are deleted, expression is only found in the sensory vesicle.

Removing another 211 bps, corresponding to UA, results in nearly complete loss of expression in the anterior brain.

UA is necessary for anterior brain expression.

UB is required for nerve cord expression. UB apparently requires UA to show activity.

Intron 1 contains sequences that can amplify the enhancer activity of upstream sequences. It drives expression dorsal,ventral and caudal to the pigment cell sensory organs of the sensory vesicle.

intron 4 is responsible at least in part for the expression in the neck and anterior visceral ganglion.
Activity reported

An unknown factor regulates Ci-Pax6 in central nervous system, anterior brain, caudal nerve cord, photoreceptive ocellus in C. intestinalis (47)
Sequences available
ID Gene Description Organism Dataset Dataset ID
s00427 Ci-Pax6 -3000:+200 region of ci0100144072 C. intestinalis JGI 1 ci0100144072
s00428 Ci-Pax6 -3000:+200 region of ci0200292302 C. intestinalis JGI 2 ci0200292302
  1. Irvine, S.Q., Fonseca, V.C., Zompa, M.A., Antony, R. (2008). "Cis-regulatory organization of the Pax6 gene in the ascidian Ciona intestinalis." Dev Biol 317:649-659. (PUBMED)