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Gene product: Snail
Organism: C. intestinalis
Summary of experimentsBetween 465 and 321 bp are necessary (Erives 1998)

The region from -675 to -413 is necessary and sufficient (Erives 2000)

The sequence given by Erives et al. features an additional A after the A at position -445, resulting in the presence of an additional E-box called E5 (5'-CAACTG-3').

The central AC of E5, E6 and E7 are necessary to obtain full expression.

CiVegTR binds to T2 (where the G at position -467 on the - strand is essential) and T3 (where the A at position -606 and G at position -603 on the - strand are essential) (Erives 2000)

Ci-macho1 binds to 5'-GCCCCCCGCTG-3', the terminal Gs and the central CCC being critical for binding in vitro (Yagi 2004)
Despite the presence of possible Ci-macho1 binding sites the regulatory effects reported by Yagi et al. could be indirect.
Activity reported

An unknown factor regulates Ci-Sna in secondary tail muscle, central nervous system, mesenchyme, ocellus sensory cells, pigmented statocyte, dorsal portion and primordia of the cerebral vesicle, lateral ependymal cells of spinal cord in C. intestinalis (6, 10, 13, 29)

Ci-VegTR regulates Ci-Sna in primary tail muscle, B4.1 lineages in C. intestinalis (6, 16, 29)

Ci-macho1 regulates Ci-Sna in muscle in C. intestinalis (15)
Sequences available
ID Gene Description Organism Dataset Dataset ID
s00359 Ci-Sna -3000:+200 region of ci0100151261 C. intestinalis JGI 1 ci0100151261
s00360 Ci-Sna -3000:+200 region of ci0200205484 C. intestinalis JGI 2 ci0200205484
s00361 Ci-Sna -3000:+200 region of ENSCING00000008903 C. intestinalis JGI 2 ENSCING00000008903
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